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KOSUN drilling fluid shale shaker is the first-level equipment in drilling fluid purification

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Drilling fluid, commonly known as mud, serves multiple functions in oil and gas drilling processes. It can control underground pressure and remove cuttings, while reducing friction between the drill bit and the wellbore. During drilling operations, the increasing amount of cuttings can cause changes in the density, viscosity, and specific gravity of the mud, which may fail to meet drilling requirements and potentially lead to well kicks or blowouts.

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Due to the different sizes of cuttings in the drilling fluid, multiple stages of separation are usually required. The shale shaker, along with desanders, desilters, and decanter centrifuges, is used for classifying treatment to ensure the timely restoration of drilling fluid properties. As the first-level drilling fluid purification equipment, the shale shaker is mainly used to screen out large-sized cuttings.


The working principle of the drilling fluid shale shaker is as follows: The mud flows onto the drilling fluid shale shaker screen through the manifold overflow. The screen is woven with metal wire and comes in different aperture sizes. The mud on the screen undergoes high-frequency vibration driven by the vibration motor. At this stage, the mud and small particles pass through the screen and leak into the mud storage tank below for further processing at the next stage, while the larger solid particles are discharged into the mud pit outside the vibrating screen. This achieves quantitative screening of cuttings.


The KOSUN drilling fluid shale shaker is widely used in the treatment of drilling mud in the oil and gas industry, coalbed methane drilling mud, HDD non-excavation mud, pile driving, shield construction, and continuous wall mud treatment, among other fields.


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