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Principle and process of five-level solid control in petroleum and petrochemical field

Pub Date:Jul 25, 2023    |    Views:187    |    

Drilling cuttings, mud cake and other wastes produced in the drilling process will cause serious pollution to the environment, and the methods such as in-situ solidification and burial can not meet the more and more stringent environmental protection requirements. As a professional company providing comprehensive solid waste treatment solutions in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, KOSUN Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. adopts the five-level waste treatment method to deal with drilling waste, reducing the waste generated by drilling to a minimum in order to better protect the environment and public safety.

The following is the principle and process of five-level solid control:

1, First-level solid control equipment - remove large particles. The drilling fluid returned by the bottom hole circulation contains large drilling cuttings.  The drilling fluid enters the mud shale shaker, and the drilling cuttings with particle size greater than 74μm are screened out through the shale shaker to complete the primary solid control.

2, Second-level solid control equipment - remove gas. Vacuum degasser is a special mud treatment equipment used to remove the gas that has invaded the drilling fluid during the drilling process. It can quickly and effectively remove the gas (including air) contained in the mud. The degasser plays an important role in restoring the mud density and preventing potential blowout and well collapse danger.

3, Three-level solid control equipment - remove larger particles. The slurry treated by the shaker goes into the desander. The desander separates the sand particles with large mud (44μm - 74μm) to complete the sand removal process, that is, the three-stage solid control.

4, Four-level solid control equipment - remove small particles. The mud treated by the desander enters the desilter, and the desilter separates out the small sand particles(15μm - 44μm) of the mud. Complete the desilting process. It is a four-stage slurry solid control.

5, Five-Level solid control equipment - remove smaller particles. The mud treated by the desilter enters the decanter centrifuge, which separates the smaller sand particles of the mud (2μm - 15μm) to complete the centrifugal process, that is, the five-stage solid phase control.

One - or multi-level solid phase control equipment can be used according to the specific construction situation.

The treated drilling waste fluid can meet the requirements of environmental protection discharge standards, realize the recovery and recycling of drilling waste, and truly achieve the purpose of reducing costs and protecting the environment.


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