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KOSUN Oil-Based Drill Cuttings Treatment Equipment

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To understand what is meant by "oil-based drill cuttings treatment," let's first understand what oil-based mud is. Oil-based mud is an emulsion composed of oil, water, asphalt, organic solid particles, inorganic solid particles like drill cuttings, high polymer compounds, and other impurities. "Oil-based drill cuttings treatment" refers to a set of solutions or equipment specifically designed for treating oil-based mud. The primary goal of treating oil-based drill cuttings is to achieve harmless waste disposal and recycle the base oil. Key technical indicators include the oil content in the waste after treatment and the efficiency of oil recovery.

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The generation and hazards of oil-based mud:

In the process of oil and gas drilling, water-based mud is generally used for shallow wells, while oil-based mud is used for deep wells. Conventional solid control equipment can effectively recover heavy metal and useful drilling fluid components. However, if the solid phase portion containing heavy metals and compounds (with oil content of around 12% to 18%) is discharged without proper treatment, it can pose significant hazards to the nearby vegetation, soil, groundwater, and the overall environment in the long term, affecting human survival.


The role of oil-based drill cuttings treatment:

With increasing environmental requirements, there are higher demands for drill cuttings treatment at drilling sites. The emergence of drilling waste treatment and purification systems not only effectively addresses on-site environmental issues but also allows for the secondary recycling treatment of waste generated by the solid control system on-site. This approach retains useful drilling fluids while concentrating and solidifying reprocessed drill cuttings, thereby reducing environmental damage caused by on-site operations.


KOSUN's oil-based drill cuttings treatment equipment mainly consists of oil-based mud centrifuges, oil-based mud dryers, screw conveyors, screw pumps, and an electric control system. These devices are integrated into a comprehensive system called the "oil-based drill cuttings treatment system."


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