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Xi 'an KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer put into use in Karamay, Xinjiang

Pub Date:Jul 31, 2023    |    Views:57    |    

As a drilling cuttings dryer machine manufacturer, Xi'an KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. produces and sells vertical cuttings dryers, rock cuttings dryer machines, vertical drying centrifuge, which can centrifugal dry water-base, oil-base, and composite-base mud, which can solve the problem of oil-base, water-base, and composite-base drilling waste disposal in oilfield drilling.

This year, KOSUN's special equipment for oily sludge treatment, the vertical cuttings dryer, was used in Karamay, Xinjiang, China. The system can process 60 tons of oily sludge per hour and run eight hours daily.


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