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Advanced Oily Sludge Treatment with KOSUN KS-5 System

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KOSUN KS-5 oily sludge skid-mounted treatment system is specially designed to treat large quantities of oily sewage and sludge produced during mining and refining processes. The system consists of three parts: storage, mixing and separation. The whole system is mounted on one skid, at one end of the skid. The tank is used to collect and store the oily sludge. Oily material enters the filter after sludge pretreatment, and the filtered oily sludge enters the special oil separator decanter centrifuge.  The liquids that come out of the centrifuge include water and oil because the tank is cleaned with high-pressure flush water. This mixture of water and oil must be further processed through an oil-water separator or a three-phase decanter centrifuge. The separated water enters the storage tank, and the dehydrated sediment is transported by screw conveyors and compressed into mud cake.


KOSUN DC-530 centrifuge and three-box integrated PT dosing unit are the key equipment in the oily sludge skid-mounted treatment system. The KOSUN sludge treatment system has an automatic dosing system for flocculant mixing.

Treatment effect of oily sludge skid-mounted treatment system

The oil content of treated sludge sand is ≤ 2%,

The water content of the treated oil is between 0.3% and 10%.

Oil in water after treatment (after sewage removal of mud cake) 100-1000ppm,

The sludge sand content in the treated oil is less than or equal to 0.1%

The sediment content in the treated oil is ≤ 0.1%

The oily sludge skid-mounted treatment system produced by KOSUN has been very mature and has been put into use in many projects at home and abroad, which has solved many emission problems and won unanimous praise from customers.

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