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HDD Mud Recovery System: Enhancing Mud Treatment Efficiency

Pub Date:Aug 25, 2023    |    Views:162    |    

In the field of trenchless horizontal directional crossing engineering, the effective management and purification of cuttings mud play a vital role.  Therefore, the HDD mud recovery system has become an important solution in the construction process, using mud retaining walls and advanced technology to ensure the effective removal and purification of drilling cuttings mud. Developed and produced by KOSUN Machinery, a leading company in the solids control industry, the system has revolutionized the way drilling operations are done.

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Using more than 30 years of technical experience, KOSUN Machinery has designed a mud recovery system with reasonable structure, advanced processing technology and a wide application range. This innovative system is mainly used in various fields such as trenchless horizontal directional crossing, coalbed methane mining, shale gas mining, water well drilling, and geothermal well drilling. Through in-depth market research, KOSUN Machinery ensures that its slurry recovery systems meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.


The HDD mud recovery system is equipped with high-efficiency solids control equipment, including shale shakers and cleaners. These components work together to separate large cuttings from the mud, ensuring only the required mud material remains. Also, the slurry mixing unit mixes and stirs the necessary materials into a homogeneous mixture. As a result, the system meets the reusability performance requirements required for sustainable drilling operations.

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A key feature of the HDD mud recovery system is the ability to efficiently recirculate mud. By using mud pumps, the cleaned mud is directed back into the HDD system where it is recycled repeatedly. This closed-loop process significantly increases mud handling efficiency, reduces overall mud costs for horizontal directional drilling projects, and increases drilling rates.


KOSUN can provide non-excavation mud treatment systems for HDD non-excavation drilling rigs, with a processing capacity from 100 to 1000m3/h. Our systems have been applied in non-excavation projects in multiple cities and regions such as Shandong, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The treatment effectiveness has received high recognition from party A and customers. We have made outstanding contributions to environmental governance in construction projects.


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