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KOSUN Delivered the Customized Low-Temperature Solid Control System for Russian Customers

Pub Date:Sep 15, 2023    |    Views:132    |    

This week, the first batch of mud tank products for the ZJ30 low-temperature solid control system, manufactured by Xi’an KOSUN, for a Russian customer, has been completed and successfully delivered to the domestic delivery point. The low-temperature solid control system is suitable for use in the cold climate of Russia, and the machine has good performance and stable operation.

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The equipment in the first batch of shipments for this system mainly includes oil-based solid control mud tanks and mud mixing devices. The oil-based solid control mud tank is mainly used to store and allocate the mud transported between the drilling wellhead and the mud pump. Our company can customize all specifications of mud tanks for oil-based solid control, including storage tanks, supply tanks, mixing tanks, chemical addition mud tanks, mud cooling tanks, etc., meeting the needs of oil drilling rigs ranging from 250HP to 3000HP.

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Xi’an KOSUN is a solid control equipment manufacturer certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO. It meets the requirements of developed countries for exports. The solid control equipment and systems have been exported to multiple countries and regions worldwide and have gained unanimous recognition from customers, accumulating a good reputation in the industry.

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