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Analysis of oilfields oil-containing sludge treatment solutions

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Oilfields oil-containing sludge treatment solutions are a series of treatment methods proposed in response to environmental protection policies.

Oily sludge will be produced in the oil field during the drilling process, which generally refers to the waste containing oil and solid particles generated in the process of oil extraction and processing. The sludge usually contains oil, water, sand, rock particles, and other solid impurities.

The purpose of oilfields oil-containing sludge treatment is to separate and recover the oil in the sludge, while reducing the solid particle content in the sediment, in order to meet the environmental requirements and realize resource recovery. Common oilfields oil-containing sludge treatment methods include the following:

1. Sedimentation separation: The oily sludge is separated into different layers by gravity, the grease and water are separated by sedimentation, and then further treatment and recovery are carried out.

2. Centrifugal separation: Centrifugal force is used to separate the sludge into different levels, and the oil and water are separated by centrifugal force to achieve oil-water separation.

3. Heat treatment: Oil sludge is heated to separate oil and water, and then the oil and water are separated by evaporation or other methods.

4. Biological treatment: The use of microorganisms to degrade and decompose oil-bearing sludge in oil fields, decompose oil into harmless substances, and reduce solid particle content.

5. Chemical treatment: The use of chemical agents to treat oil-bearing sludge in oil fields through chemical reactions to separate oil and water.

The treatment of oil-bearing sludge in oilfield is a complicated process, and the appropriate treatment method should be selected according to the specific situation. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with environmental protection regulations to ensure that the treatment process meets the relevant standards and requirements.

Xi 'an KOSUN Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. closely follows the national policy, vigorously develops green environmental protection sludge treatment and soil remediation equipment, and combines vibration separation technology, centrifugal separation technology and fluid mechanics to solve the problem of solid-liquid two-phase separation of waste.

Related solid control equipment that can be used are: decanter three-phase separator, scraper disc separator, centrifuge, screw conveyor, filter, vacuum degasser, oil tank, water tank, etc. 

These units can be combined and configured as required to enable the treatment and recovery of oily sludge in oilfields. The specific equipment to be used needs to be determined according to the nature of the sludge, treatment requirements and treatment methods.

If you have oilfields oil-containing sludge to treat, you can contact us, we provide a complete set of equipment and services. Remote technical support is also available. You can also pair a single device with your existing processing system. Please take our company into consideration if you plan to purchase equipment.

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