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A batch of oil solid control equipment from Xi’an KOSUN has been sent to a drilling project site in Russia

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Recently, Xi’an KOSUN exported a batch of oil solid control equipment to a drilling project in Russia. This marks another shipment of oil solid control equipment to the Pan-Russian region for KOSUN. The Pan-Russian market is one of KOSUN’s longest-standing and largest market shares. The main equipment supplied in this shipment includes shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuges, vacuum degassers, screw pumps, and agitators and so on.

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In recent years, with the implementation of the “Belt and Road” policy, China-Russia relations have become increasingly solid, and bilateral trade has developed rapidly. In response to this rapidly emerging overseas market, foreign trade professionals from various industries are highly motivated to explore the Pan-Russian market through various channels. At the same time, KOSUN is constantly striving to find better ways for more products to go abroad, insisting on innovation and actively adapting to market changes. Faced with the current unstable situation, our company overcomes all unfavorable factors and continues to provide drilling mud solid control equipment to customers in the Pan-Russian region in a stable manner. The continuous orders from customers also demonstrate their trust and recognition of our products. KOSUN has always stayed true to its original intention, striving to serve every customer well and meet all their needs.

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KOSUN’s oil solid control equipment is widely used in the drilling industry, providing efficient and reliable solutions for the processing and management of drilling fluids.  The company’s dedication to technological innovation, product quality, and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success in the international market.

KOSUN will continue to explore opportunities in the Russian market and other regions, continuously improving its product offerings and providing excellent after-sales service.  With its commitment to delivering cutting-edge equipment and comprehensive solutions, KOSUN aims to further expand its presence in the global drilling industry.

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KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of drilling solid control equipmentmud zero discharge equipment, and oily sludge treatment equipment. We look forward to your inquiries! For more details, please contact our email:, WhatsApp: +86 13379250593

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