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The application of horizontal directional drilling technology in oil drilling

Pub Date:Sep 27, 2023    |    Views:170    |    

Horizontal directional drilling technology is an advanced drilling technique widely used in the oil industry.       

It has the following characteristics:

1. It does not obstruct traffic, pollute the environment, damage vegetation, or impact surrounding buildings. It can cross rivers, lakes, highways, railways, and urban structures through the shortest and most reasonable routes. It has high construction efficiency, saves material consumption, and reduces construction costs.

2. With the use of high-precision tracking and positioning technology or MWD (Measurement While Drilling) technology, the direction and path of pipeline laying can be controlled. By carefully operating the equipment and timely correcting the pipeline trajectory, the error can be controlled within 5 cm per 100 meters. This helps avoid existing underground public facilities and complex construction areas.

3. It has good economic and social benefits. Under comparable conditions, the comprehensive economic and social benefits of non-excavation pipeline laying, replacement, and repair are higher than those of excavation construction.

4. It has fast construction speed. The crossing speed can reach 3-5 meters per minute, with the ability to cross more than 1 km in one go. This significantly reduces excavation areas and avoids any adverse factors caused by large excavations.

Horizontal directional drilling technology has several applications in oil drilling:

1. Horizontal well development: Horizontal directional drilling technology can change the wellbore from the vertical position to the horizontal direction and extend it horizontally in the formation. This technology increases the bottomhole area in horizontal reservoirs, improves production capacity, and enhances recovery rates.       Horizontal well development has become an important means to increase efficiency and production in oilfield development.

2. Horizontal sidetrack drilling: Horizontal directional drilling technology can also be used for horizontal sidetrack drilling. In an already drilled vertical wellbore, horizontal sidetrack drilling can be performed by using horizontal directional drilling technology to drill laterally in specific formations. This increases production capacity and extends the effective length of the wellbore. Horizontal sidetrack drilling technology is widely used to increase production and extend the lifespan of oil wells.

In conclusion, the application of horizontal directional drilling technology in oil drilling is of significant importance. It can improve oilfield development efficiency, increase production capacity, extend wellbore length, provide more accurate geological information, and enhance the cleanliness and maintenance capability of well sections.

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