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KOSUN Machinery: Leader in the field of oil-based mud drilling cuttings processing

Pub Date:Oct 10, 2023    |    Views:782    |    

KOSUN Machinery specializes in providing high-quality solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment equipment and systems for the oil and gas industry.  As a domestic leader in this field, KOSUN Machinery has won the attention of global customers with its excellent reputation. Our products are directly exported to more than 60 countries and regions including Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and we are a trustworthy partner for drilling rigs and related equipment.

One of the main products of KOSUN Machinery is the oil-based mud drilling cuttings processing system, also known as the drying system. The system plays a vital role in handling oil-based mud drilling operations, especially focusing on the efficient processing of oil-based drilling cuttings.  By utilizing a solids control system to separate drill cuttings and combining it with a vertical cutting dryer with a drying system, KOSUN Machinery aims to reduce the oil content of drill cuttings and recover valuable surface coatings in the mud.  This not only minimizes the environmental damage caused by drilling waste but also allows for efficient reuse of resources.


In addition, the oil-based mud cuttings processing system has a significant advantage - the treated liquid phase can be directly returned to the mud circulation system for reuse.  This reduces waste and contributes to the overall sustainability of the drilling operation.  In addition to the vertical cuttings dryer, the system also includes other important components such as centrifuges, screw conveyors, drying vibrating screens, storage tanks, and drilling fluid recovery equipment. Through system processing, the system is able to recover useful oil-based mud while reducing the moisture content of the solid phase. This method of reducing waste not only helps save energy during the subsequent incineration process, but also contributes to overall cost savings.

KOSUN Machinery is well aware of the importance of environmental responsibility in the oil and gas industry. By providing cutting-edge oil-based debris management systems, they aim to effectively address on-site environmental challenges.  By committing to continuous innovation and providing solutions that meet the highest industry standards, KOSUN Machinery has won the trust and praise of customers around the world.


Overall, KOSUN Machinery's expertise lies in providing state-of-the-art solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment equipment and systems. Their oil-based mud drilling cuttings processing system is equipped with a vertical cuttings dryer, which can effectively separate and reduce the oil content of drill cuttings while achieving resource reuse. With a comprehensive range of parts and components and a commitment to waste reduction and energy conservation, KOSUN Machinery is a reliable partner in overcoming the environmental challenges of the oil and gas industry.

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