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Introduction to types of drilling mud and their treatment methods

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Introduction to types of drilling mud and their treatment methods:

Drilling mud can be classified into two types:

1. Water-based drilling mud:

Water-based drilling mud is the most commonly used type in drilling operations.  It mainly consists of water, clay, and chemical additives. Compared to other types of drilling mud, water-based mud has relatively lower cost, good solubility, and less environmental pollution. Additionally, water-based drilling mud can be customized by adding specific chemical additives to meet different performance requirements, such as reducing drill bit wear and improving mud rheology. Therefore, water-based drilling mud is widely used in many drilling situations.

2. Oil-based drilling mud:

Oil-based drilling mud is a type of drilling mud that uses petroleum as the base fluid. Compared to water-based drilling mud, oil-based mud has better thermal stability and high-temperature resistance, making it perform well in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, as well as in oil and gas wells. Additionally, oil-based drilling mud has the ability to prevent wellbore collapse and reduce wellbore damage. However, oil-based drilling mud is more expensive and causes greater environmental pollution, so strict control is necessary during its use.

Treatment methods:

Kosun water-based drilling mud treatment involves transporting the mud to specialized equipment.  The mud is first processed through a screening device to remove large particles from the water.  Then, the treated mud is further dewatered using centrifugal or pressure filtration equipment, separating the mud cake from the mud water.  The mud cake is collected and stored while the clean water is returned to the field.

kosun oil-based drilling mud treatment involves dewatering and recycling the mud, achieving the goals of “no pit,” “reduced volume,” “zero discharge,” and “zero addition” requirements on the drilling site.

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