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KOSUN HDD drilling mud circulation system significantly improves mud treatment efficiency

Pub Date:Oct 23, 2023    |    Views:102    |    

KOSUN drilling mud circulation system is designed based on over 30 years of solid control industry experience and in-depth market research. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, good processing technology, and wide application areas. The processing capacity ranges from 40-240m³/h. KOSUN HDD drilling mud circulation system can significantly improve mud treatment efficiency, reduce mud costs for horizontal directional drilling, and significantly increase drilling rate.


KOSUN Machinery is a professional manufacturer of HDD non-excavation drilling mud circulation system in China. The designed drilling mud circulation system features a compact structure, easy transportation, and convenient use, and is widely used in HDD non-excavation mud-water separation, mud cleaning, and coalbed methane development.


The KOSUN non-excavation drilling mud circulation system is a multifunctional integrated system that can meet the needs of mud purification and recovery, mud mixing and preparation, and mud storage as a self-circulation system. The products are exported to many countries and regions worldwide.


The main supporting equipment of the mud recovery system includes:

Mud shale shaker: used for screening coarse particles of drill cuttings.

Desander: used for separating fine sand in drilling mud, with a separation particle size of 40 microns.

Desilter: used for separating fine silt in drilling mud, with a separation particle size of 20 microns.

Decanter centrifuge: used for separating ultra-fine particles in drilling mud, with a separation particle size of 2 microns.

Mud cleaner: solid particles and contaminants can be effectively removed from drilling mud.

Mud agitator: used for mixing and mixing drilling mud.

Feed pump and mixing pump

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