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The obvious advantages of drilling waste treatment equipment in the treatment of drilling waste

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In recent years, the use of oil-based mud by drilling teams has been increasing, resulting in increased costs, safety and environmental protection issues. Moreover, due to the lack of oil-based cutting treatment equipment, drilling engineering companies are very passive in foreign project bidding. How to make the use of mud not only safe, and environmentally protected but also economical and effective, has always been an important topic in drilling production. However, the drilling waste disposal system solves this problem.

The working principle of drilling waste disposal equipment: After the abandoned drilling cuttings return from the wellhead, they enter the device directly, and are transmitted to the drilling cuttings dryer through its sealed long pipe-spiral conveyor. After the high-speed rotation of the dryer and the filtration of the screen, most of the dried cuttings are discharged from the first sand outlet along another spiral conveyor, and the remaining liquid mud is driven into the centrifuge through the pump. Subdivision is carried out and the separated fine cuttings are finally discharged from the second outlet. At the same time, the treated mud is injected back into the mud tank through the pipeline for reuse.

The main components of the drilling waste disposal system are the drilling cuttings dryer, shale shaker, screw conveyor, and mud tank. Advantages of drilling waste disposal equipment:

1. The use of a drilling waste treatment system, not only can reuse mud but also achieve on-the-spot treatment, saving time and labor.

2. The cuttings treated by the drilling cuttings dryer can be directly pulled and transported to reduce transportation costs.

3. The dried cuttings can be used to pave roads and realize waste recycling.

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