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Oilfield drilling waste management have to be settled urgently

Pub Date:Oct 27, 2023    |    Views:1280    |    

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for oil and natural gas continues to grow, resulting in increased oilfield drilling activity. While this has proven beneficial in terms of energy production, it also poses significant challenges in waste management. Efficient and responsible oilfield drilling waste management is critical to mitigating environmental impacts and ensuring long-term sustainable operations.

KOSUN Machinery takes the lead in responding to national environmental policies by proposing solutions for oilfield drilling waste management  and manufacturing drilling waste treatment equipment. Through the use of filtration and separation technologies, drilling mud is processed to recover valuable resources. By employing these technologies, drilling mud can be recycled and reused, reducing the demand for fresh drilling fluid and minimizing waste generation.

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Videos for the drilling waste management system

Drilling Waste Management Centrifuge for Karamay, Xinjiang Project

Drilling Cuttings Drying Equipment for Kazakhstan Project

Drilling Cuttings Management System for the Argentina Project

The Vertical cuttings dryer is the key equipment in treating the drilling waste. It effectively separates drill cuttings into solid and liquid phases through centrifugal separation and makes the solid phase extremely dry. The separated and dried solid particles are used for filling pits and road construction, while the liquid is collected and utilized. This reduces waste discharge and protects the environment.

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