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How to prevent corrosion of oil field drilling mud storage tank?

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Oil field drilling mud storage tanks are important equipment in the process of oil drilling and serve as significant carriers for storage drilling mud. The drilling fluids stored in the drilling mud storage tanks are highly corrosive, and even slight negligence can lead to leakage of corrosive liquids, causing environmental pollution and economic losses to customers. Therefore, the anti-corrosion technology for mud tanks has become increasingly important, attracting the attention of numerous mud storage tank manufacturers.

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As a manufacturer of drilling mud tanks, KOSUN Machinery can independently process and produce tank bodies for mud tanks, water tanks, and diesel tanks. The tank bodies are made of acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring a long service life.

The anti-corrosion treatment for oil field drilling mud storage tanks is as follows:

Surface treatment of mud storage tanks mainly includes three steps: degreasing, desludging, and rust removal.

Internal surface treatment of mud tanks involves three steps:

1.  Remove the sludge from the surface.

2.  The oil removal method includes solvent cleaning, alkaline saponification, and emulsification.

3.  The rust removal method includes manual rust removal, sandblasting, and chemical rust removal.

In terms of construction safety, all construction personnel must possess the necessary qualifications, and the construction site must have good ventilation.

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