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Drilling Fluid Linear Shale Shaker:High Screening Precision, Large Processing Capacity

Pub Date:Nov 14, 2023    |    Views:1832    |    

Drilling fluid linear shale shaker is the key equipment in the drilling fluid solids control system. With its advantages of high processing performance and fast operating speed, it is used as a primary separation equipment for drilling and horizontal permeability wells. In addition, this shale shaker is also widely used in solid-liquid separation and classification in various mining and coal industries. It can also be used in other solid-liquid separation projects and environmental protection engineering systems.

One of the main features of the drilling fluid linear shale shaker is its compatibility with different types of shakers. This flexibility enables it to adapt to various separation requirements and ensure efficient performance. In addition, the screen box of this shale shaker is optimized with advanced technology, giving it excellent handling performance. This optimization increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the separation process.

Another notable feature of the drilling fluid linear shale shaker is its overall anti-mud splash technology. This technology prevents mud from splashing out during operations, providing a cleaner and safer working environment. This feature also reduces the labor required for operation, making the shale shaker more user-friendly and efficient.

In order to enhance the versatility and adjustability of the shale shaker, a variety of screen box inclination adjustment methods can be used. For this purpose, users can choose between screw-type or gantry-type machinery. This flexibility allows the shale shaker to be easily customized for specific separation needs.

In terms of durability and maintenance, the linear drilling fluid shale shaker adopts a fully sealed screen box structure design. This structure ensures no sand leakage during operation and keeps the surrounding environment clean. In addition, it is easy to replace the screen box when necessary, further extending the service life of the shale shaker. 

Linear drilling fluid shale shakers are widely used in various industries and projects. It is commonly used in drilling and horizontal crossing wells, as well as in different types of mining and coal industries. It is also a valuable asset for solid-liquid separation projects and environmental protection projects.

Drilling fluid linear shale shaker is an efficient and multifunctional solid-liquid separation equipment. Its compatibility with different types of shale shakers, advanced optimization technology, anti-mud splash properties, adjustable screen box inclination, and durable sealing structure make it a reliable choice for various industries and projects. Whether used in drilling, mining or environmental protection, this shale shaker ensures high processing performance, fast operation and long service life.

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