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Xi 'an KOSUN provides drilling waste disposal equipment for drilling oil field projects

Pub Date:Nov 20, 2023    |    Views:118    |    

Xi 'an KOSUN provides drilling waste disposal equipment for drilling oil field projects.

According to the China News Energy Network reported that the Fuyuan Joint Station of Fuman Oilfield, located in Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, has been successfully put into operation, marking the realization of scale economy development of ultra-deep oil and gas 8000~9000 meters underground of Fuman Oilfield, China's largest ultra-deep oil field, and the completion of the largest crude oil production base in the Taklimakan Desert.


Fuman Oilfield, located in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, is the largest ultra-deep oilfield in China with over 1 billion tons of oil and gas resources. Petrochina Tarim Oilfield started the construction of Fuyuan Joint Station in February this year, and built a new oil and gas treatment plant with an annual processing capacity of 2 million tons of crude oil and 2 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, and completed more than 220 kilometers of oil and gas transmission pipelines and related auxiliary production equipment. The construction of this project will effectively alleviate the problem of overloading of existing oil and gas stations, promote the doubling of oil and gas processing capacity of Fuman Oilfield, fully release oil and gas production capacity, let more than 310 Wells rush oil and gas out of the desert, and provide strong support for the completion of an ultra-deep oil and gas field with an annual output of 5 million tons in 2025.


With the development of oil and gas, the disposal of drilling waste poses more challenges. Our company will continue to pay attention to the oil and gas exploitation in Aksu region of Xinjiang, and hopefully provide drilling waste disposal equipment for this project. KOSUN Machinery invented a harmless treatment method for oil and gas field drilling waste. The drilling waste liquid was separated from solid and liquid, water treatment agent was added to the solid and liquid separation, and the liquid water was directly returned to the oil and gas field drilling mud for reuse after mechanical strengthening of the separation. Collecting equipment is used to collect solid waste such as rock debris, waste mud and mud. The collected solid waste is placed in the mixer, and the curing agent is added to the mixer so that the curing enhancing treatment agent and the solid waste containing a certain amount of water are fully and evenly mixed. The treatment method can effectively transform the harmful components in the waste into small or harmless substances, so that the heavy metal ions contained in the treated solid waste can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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