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Xi'An KOSUN Shield Tunneling Waste Treatment System

Pub Date:Nov 23, 2023    |    Views:5932    |    

KOSUN shield tunneling waste treatment system is designed to handle the excavated soil generated during shield tunneling construction.  It can achieve the separation, dewatering, and reduction of sand, fine sand, and soil in the waste soil, as well as facilitate transportation and resource reuse, realizing zero discharge of mud and meeting environmental requirements.

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The shield tunneling waste treatment system adopts a modular design, mainly consisting of slurry preparation equipment, coarse vibrating screen, sand washing machine, fine vibrating screen, desanding cyclone, slurry pump and piping, and filter press.  The system has a simple structure, facilitating transportation and quick assembly and disassembly.


Considering the high content of sand and gravel in the geological characteristics and the environmental requirements for resource utilization of the waste soil, this shield tunneling waste treatment system includes an additional sand washing machine based on the necessary vibrating screen, cyclone, and filter press.  The sand washing machine can ensure the quality of the separated fine sand and can even be directly used in some civil engineering projects.


The system adopts a balanced closed-loop scheme, enabling the complete recycling of water resources.  In theory, the consumption of clean water during the normal operation of the system is zero.  The high-concentration mud generated in the cone hopper and the filter cake from the filter press can be used instead of bentonite for grouting behind the shield tunnel segments.

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