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The characteristics and advantages of KOSUN diesel tank

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KOSUN diesel tanks are containers used for storing and transporting diesel fuel, with sufficient strength and sealing to ensure the safe storage and transportation of diesel.

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KOSUN can customize diesel tanks for customers. The double-layer diesel tank, designed and customized by KOSUN for this customer, meets their storage and transportation needs. It is mainly composed of double-layer tank body, oil pump, basket filter, turbine flow meter, level sensor, manifold and stainless steel ball valve etc.. The oil tank base adopts a skid mounted structure, with a patterned plate laid on the top as a platform; The bottom is equipped with a sewage outlet, and the top is equipped with an exhaust valve and a leak detector; There is a wave barrier inside the tank.

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The characteristics and advantages of KOSUN diesel tank: 

1. The diesel tank is made of corrosion-resistant materials, capable of resisting the chemical corrosion of diesel and ensuring the structural strength of the tank to withstand external pressure and loads.


2. The diesel tank has good sealing performance to prevent diesel leakage and the entry of external contaminants. The tank is equipped with sealing devices such as sealing covers, sealing doors, and sealing valves to ensure its sealing performance.


3. The diesel tank is equipped with safety devices such as overflow prevention devices, fire protection devices, and leakage detection systems. These devices can promptly detect and address any potential safety risks, ensuring the safety of diesel storage and transportation.


4. The diesel tank is marked with signs and labels indicating capacity, flow rate, pressure, and other relevant information to facilitate the correct use and maintenance by operators.


5. Diesel tanks are widely used in the petroleum industry, transportation, and machinery equipment sectors, playing an essential role in ensuring the supply and use of diesel fuel.

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