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KOSUN Provides Oil-Based Drilling Waste Treatment Solutions for the Sichuan Oilfield

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Xian KOSUN has customized an oil-based drilling waste treatment system for Sichuan customers, which has been successfully put into use.  This system is equipped with one LS305 screw conveyor, one VC-1000 vertical cuttings dryer, one long-stroke pump, one integrated tank, one high-speed variable frequency centrifuge DC450-VFD, one mud agitator MA55, funnels, storage tanks, electrical systems, and comprehensive explosion-proof cabinets.   It is also installed with walkways, guardrails, and ladders.

drilling waste treatment system.jpg

oil-based drilling waste treatment system for Sichuan project

The features of this oil-based drilling waste treatment system are as follows:

1.   Large capacity continuous feeding device, with a processing capacity of up to 40-60 tons per hour;

2.   Efficient solid-liquid separation minimizes the liquid content of drilling cuttings, and the oil content of the treated solids is 5%, effectively separating and recovering a large amount of reusable drilling fluid;

3.   PLC integrated control with automatic alarm indicators, capable of monitoring temperature, torque, oil level, and operating time, making it easy to operate, convenient, safe, and reliable;

4.   The foldable guardrails and walkways facilitate routine maintenance and disassembly for transportation.

Xian KOSUN, as a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment, mud-zero discharge equipment, and oily sludge treatment equipment, adheres to the principle of "quality first and reputation foremost".   We are dedicated to serving every customer wholeheartedly.   We welcome visits and inspections of our company and factory.   Please contact us at +8613379250593 (WhatsApp).

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oil-based drilling waste treatment system for Sichuan project

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