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Why Mud Water Separation Systems Are Essential for TBM Construction Projects

Pub Date:Feb 07, 2024    |    Views:87    |    

Why Mud Water Separation Systems Are Essential for TBM Construction Projects?

Mud-water Separation System is essential equipment in TBM Construction. TBM Tunnel Boring Machine is an abbreviation of TBM, which is widely used in the construction of Subway. With the development of shield technology, the Mud-water Separation System plays an important role in TBM Construction. However, during the construction process, a large amount of muddy water will inevitably be produced, which will not only pollute the environment but also affect construction efficiency. To this end, the shield machine is equipped with a mud-water separation and treatment system. The mud-water separation treatment system can separate soil, gravel, and other substances in mud water from water to reduce the volume of mud water and environmental pollution. At the same time, it can also reduce the load of muddy water on the shield machine and improve construction efficiency.

The mud-water separation system mainly includes a shale shaker device, a hydrocyclone device, and a filter press device. The shale shaker device is connected to the hydrocyclone  device, and the hydrocyclone device is connected to the filter press device. The connection method is stacked. Or connect with conveyor equipment. The shield mud-water separation system can perform different separation processes according to different particle sizes, make full use of the favorable particles in the excavation soil, improve the system's self-slurrying ability, effectively realize the mud-water separation during shield excavation, and convert the separated Water is re-injected into the mud-water system for circulation. Meanwhile, This system can be adjusted flexibly according to different topographic conditions, is easy to operate, reduces the amount of mud preparation and engineering costs, and avoids pollution of the environment by mud.

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