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Choosing the Right Mud Recycling and Purification System for Your Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Project

Pub Date:Feb 07, 2024    |    Views:194    |    

KOSUN Machinery uses a mud recycling and purification system for trenchless horizontal directional crossing projects. The HDD mud recovery system is used for mud purification and recovery in HDD directional crossing construction that uses mud to protect walls and take away drilling cuttings. It can reduce construction costs and improve construction efficiency for contractor companies. It is an essential equipment for basic construction. KOSUN Machinery can design and manufacture equipment with different processing capacities and specifications according to the tonnage of the customer's trenchless drilling rig, the flow rate of KOSUN the mud pump, and customer needs. HDD mud recovery system (mud circulation purification system).


Definition: The HDD mud recovery system is developed, designed, and produced by KOSUN Machinery according to the requirements of on-site non-excavation working conditions. It is used to purify and treat the mud returned from the underground during the horizontal directional crossing process.


Process: Separate the large particle size drill cuttings through solid-phase control equipment such as screen mud integrated machine, sand pump, mud agitator, Jet Mud Mixer, hydraulic lifting assembly, etc., add the required mud materials through the mixing device, and stir the cycle It is uniform and meets the performance requirements for reuse, and is sent to the horizontal directional drilling system through a mud pump for repeated recycling.

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