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Oilfield Shale Shaker is an Important Solid Control Equipment in the Oil Drilling Industry

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Oilfield shale shaker is the important solid control equipment in the oil drilling industry.

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soild control equipment-drilling fluid shale shaker

One of the standout features of the oil drilling rig shale shaker is its imported excitation motor. This motor is specifically designed for the rigorous demands of oil drilling operations. It provides the necessary vibration to effectively separate solids from the drilling fluid. Additionally, the screen box angle is adjustable, allowing for further customization and optimization of the screening process.


Another advantage of the mud shale shaker is its versatility. It can be configured as a single, double, or triple deck screen, providing flexibility to meet the specific needs of the operation. Furthermore, it can also be used as an underflow shale shaker for mud cleaners, adding to its functionality and value.


In terms of construction, the mud shale shaker boasts a compact structure, making it easy to integrate into existing equipment setups. Its excellent performance and durable design make it a reliable and long-lasting solution for solid control in oil drilling operations.


When it comes to solid control equipment, the mud shale shaker is a must-have for any oil drilling operation. Its ability to effectively separate drilling solids and its versatility make it an invaluable tool for maintaining the integrity of the drilling fluid. With its high vibration intensity, large screening area, and adjustable screen box angle, the mud shale shaker is an essential component for oil drilling fluid purification.

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