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Introduction to the KOSUN Drill Rig Solids Control System: A reliable solution for effective solids management

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Introduction to the KOSUN Drill Rig Solids Control System: A reliable solution for effective solids management.

KOSUN is proud to introduce our comprehensive solids control system designed to effectively manage solids and drilling waste in a variety of rig environments.  Our solids control systems are divided into three types to meet the specific needs and conditions of different rig operations: mobile solids control systems, cryogenic solids control systems and skid-mounted solids control systems.


Our mobile solids control systems are game-changers for the industry, delivering unparalleled safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.  With advanced automation capabilities, the system significantly improves the overall performance of solids control operations.  Its simple construction, proven safety features and compact design make it a reliable choice for drilling rig operations, while its mobility and wide range of applications allow for maximum versatility.

mobile solids control systems.jpg

 mobile solids control systems

For drilling rig operations in cryogenic environments, our cryogenic solids control systems are the ideal solution.  Designed to withstand extreme cold, this system is able to withstand low temperatures while maintaining optimal performance.  With this system, rig operators can effectively manage solids even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

 cryogenic solids control systems.jpg

 cryogenic solids control systems

Additionally, our skid-mounted solid control systems offer the convenience of easy assembly and installation.  The skid-mounted design allows for simple transportation and installation, making it an efficient and practical option for rig operations with limited space or logistical constraints.  The system is manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring reliability and durability in any rig environment.

skid-mounted solids control systems.jpg

 skid-mounted solid control systems 

The KOSUN drilling rig solids control system is equipped with a series of features that distinguish it from other solids control solutions.  From advanced automation features to rugged construction, the system is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability in even the most demanding rig operations.


Additionally, our solids control systems are backed by KOSUN Machinery's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  With our extensive experience and expertise in solids management, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of rig operations and are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.


Whether you are remotely operating a land rig, offshore rig or drilling platform, KOSUN rig solids control systems are a reliable choice for effective solids management.  With its advanced features, versatile design and superior performance, this system is the key to optimizing solids control operations and achieving greater efficiency and cost savings.


Choose KOSUN Machinery to meet your drilling rig solids control system needs and experience the changes our advanced solutions can bring to your operations.  We are committed to excellence and innovation in solids management, and we look forward to helping you succeed in your rig operations.

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