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Introduction of characteristics and process flow of pyrolysis treatment of oil-based cuttings

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Introduction of characteristics and process flow of pyrolysis treatment of oil-based cuttings

The thermal pyrolysis process is used to treat the solid drilling cuttings recovered after initial separation to recover and utilize the remaining drilling fluid. The characteristics of the thermal pyrolysis process are thorough treatment and resource recovery.

The thermal pyrolysis process for oil-based cuttings can separate water, oil, and solid phases. The solid phase can be used as a substitute raw material for cement production, such as producing cement.

So, what is the process flow of the oil sludge thermal pyrolysis treatment equipment?


1. The oil-based cuttings are fed into the main furnace of the pyrolysis equipment through a screw feeder or other feeding devices.

2. The main furnace of the pyrolysis equipment is heated using fuel oil, natural gas, or other fuels.

3. When the temperature rises, the moisture is first evaporated and separated. After the moisture is completely evaporated, oil and gas are generated.

4. The oil and gas are subsequently condensed and liquefied into liquid oil through a condenser, and then stored in oil storage tanks.

5. Some gases that cannot be liquefied, such as methane, are purified through water seals and other safety devices, and then sent to the combustion chamber of the pyrolysis equipment as fuel for heating.

6. After the completion of the thermal pyrolysis of oil and gas, the remaining solid residue in the furnace is discharged through the slag discharge device of the equipment.

7. The whole process is complete.

The processing capacity of sludge pyrolysis equipment is usually about 20 tons per day, and the whole pyrolysis treatment process takes more than ten hours. For the relatively large processing capacity, multiple equipment is needed to meet the production capacity needs.


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