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Xi'an Kosun shipped a batch of shale shakers for a mining drilling engineering project

Pub Date:Apr 01, 2024    |    Views:178    |    

Recently, Xi’an KOSUN completed the production of a batch of shale shakers and feeding pumps customized for a mining group in Gansu Province.  This batch of equipment is used for mud treatment in the process of mining exploration.  The shale shakers is used to separate the ore particles and remove impurities from the mud.



This batch of equipment includes LS583 linear shale shaker, ES702 elliptical motion shale shaker, and LSP submersible slurry pump. Among them, the ES702 elliptical motion shale shaker has the characteristics of small size, high screening accuracy, and large processing capacity, which can meet the needs of mining exploration. It not only improves the convenience of equipment use for customers but also reduces the inconvenience caused by the large size of construction equipment, enhancing the user experience.



Xi’an KOSUN continuously provides customers with high-quality products and services. Its products are widely used in drilling and exploration projects, urban infrastructure construction, river dredging, tailings management, soil remediation, oil-bearing sludge treatment, drilling waste treatment, and resource utilization. 



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