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Drilling Solid Control Equipment: Mud Agitators Sold to an Oman Oil Drilling Company

Pub Date:Apr 23, 2024    |    Views:199    |    

8Pcs of mud agitators produced by Xi'an KOSUN has recently been successfully sold to an oil drilling company in Oman for drilling and solid control equipment.


The customer is a long-term client of our company who has made multiple purchases of our solid control equipment. We have established a strong cooperative relationship based on trust and recognition of our products and services.

kosun mud agitator.jpg

These eight mud agitators, shipped this time, are auxiliary equipment for the oil solid control system, which will further improve the customer's production efficiency and quality.


Mud agitators are critical equipment for treating drilling mud, mainly composed of explosion-proof motors, reducers, agitator impellers, machine bases, flexible couplings, and rigid couplings. They play a vital role in the mixing and blending of drilling fluids, preventing solid particles in the drilling fluid from settling in the tank circulation system, ensuring the stability and uniformity of the circulating drilling fluid.

mud agitator.jpg


Xi'an KOSUN is well-known in the oil drilling industry for producing various solid-liquid separation equipment, conveying equipment, and solid control equipment. Our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. With a focus on quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, Xian KOSUN is expected to have a greater impact on the global environmental protection and solid waste treatment market.

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