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KOSUN's Vertical Cutting Dryers Sent to Algeria Oil & Gas Company Project

Pub Date:Aug 01, 2023    |    Views:187    |    

Recently, the VC-1000 cuttings dryers produced by KOSUN were sent to Algeria for processing the cuttings produced by drilling.



KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer can effectively recover the liquid phase in drilling cuttings, making the solid phase become very dry. It is suitable for water-base mud, oil-base mud, and synthetic base mud. By recovering the mud in drilling cuttings, the vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the drilling cost and cut down on environmental pollution. With a handling capacity of 40-60 T/h, the oil on cuttings (OOC) of drilling cuttings can be reduced to lower than 5% (w/w) after treatment, meeting the international emissions standards and environmental protection requirements. The vertical centrifuge can also be applicable for drilling waste management in onshore and offshore drilling.


This time, the Algerian customer used the KOSUN cuttings dryer for waste disposal after oil drilling, effectively reducing the liquid content in the cuttings, and effective separation and reclaiming high percentages of fluid that can be reused in the active mud system.


KOSUN's cuttings dryer provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for solids control and mud treatment during drilling operations for Algeria Oil & Gas Company. It's advanced components and integrated design make it a reliable choice for enhancing drilling performance and optimizing drilling mud usage. KOSUN Environmental Protection Company has always been at the forefront of the industry, providing innovative solutions to promote the success of global customers.

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