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The future development trend of clean production for oil and gas drilling in China

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In the process of oil and gas exploration and development, the total amount of drilling fluid waste is large. At the same time, since the drilling fluid waste contains various processing agents, the composition of the pollutants is complex, the concentration is high, the chromaticity is large, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is high. To meet the new environmental protection requirements, there is an urgent need to accelerate the development and application of high-efficiency treatment agents and new technologies, new processes and new equipment for drilling fluid waste treatment, change the traditional end treatment ideas for drilling fluid waste, and establish a whole process control and clean production of “well field closed-loop”, fulfill the engineering applications, and achieve a new model of clean drilling production for “standardization of well field, environment-friendly at source, reduction through process, recycling at end, and equipment integration”.

Based on the above, we look forward to the next trend: 1. Increase the research and field application of environmental-friendly drilling fluids, develop intelligent environment-friendly drilling fluid technologies, and reduce the difficulty and cost of treatment and disposal of drilling fluid wastes at source. 2. Improve the selective removal technology of small and inferior solid phases in drilling fluids, upgrade processing equipment, and formulate unified drilling and clean production standards, well field design standards, and reused drilling fluid performance standards for group companies. 3. Establish technical specifications for temporary storage, treatment, and disposal of drilling fluid wastes. According to different well depths, different drilling fluid systems, and different lithologies, the corresponding treatment and comprehensive utilization technologies are adopted, and the drilling fluid waste is recycled at end. 4. For the drilling fluid wastes with different physical properties and different pollutant contents, different modular processing units are selected respectively. Through the integration of equipment, the modularization and standardization of drilling fluid waste treatment equipment are achieved.

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