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Working principle of KOSUN shield muck reduction treatment equipment

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With the development of rail transit, there are more and more shield muck in various cities. KOSUN shield muck treatment equipment is widely used. This technology and equipment are suitable for the treatment of various types of shield muck in underground engineering . Such as tunnel construction shield muck, road traffic tunnel construction muck, municipal engineering, water conservancy engineering, electric power engineering, construction engineering, etc. Its basic principle is to process the shield dregs through harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. 

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KOSUN shield muck treatment equipment is mainly divided into three parts:


1, The harmless treatment of shield muck is mainly based on the principle of solubilization, dissolution, chemical transformation, and flocculation.


Principle of solubilization dissolution and absorption: Surfactants have solubilization and flow-enhancing effects on trace metal cations in soil, and the longer the chain of the surfactant, the higher its effect. In addition, surfactants have a desorption effect on soil metals, and when there are metals, the adsorption force of surfactants on soil is weak.


2, The principle of shield muck reduction is mainly particle classification and filtration dehydration


Principle of Particle Classification: Screening method is the most common separation method for mixed materials. Materials with different particle sizes are divided into several different particle size grades through a single-layer or multi-layer screen surface with sieve holes. Filtration dehydration is the simplest and most commonly used separation method that uses porous substances to intercept large particulate matter, so that water and other substances smaller than pores can pass through.


3, The resource utilization of shield excrement is mainly to utilize the screened sand and gravel aggregate and the mud cake after pressure filtration, and to reuse the separated water after treatment.


Through this technology, not only can the shield dregs be treated harmlessly, but also the shield dregs can be reused.


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