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Oily sludge hot wash treatment system

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Oily sludge hot wash treatment system

KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd closely follows the national policy, vigorously develops green environmental protection sludge treatment and soil remediation equipment, vibration separation technology, centrifugal separation technology, and fluid mechanics combined to solve the problem of solid-liquid two-phase separation in the process of waste environmental protection, through the follow-up treatment function, reduce pollutant emissions, recycle available resources and meet the local government emission standards and environmental protection requirements.


KOSUN oily sludge treatment system mainly includes pretreatment system, feeding system, vibrating screen, sand cyclone, mud cyclone, centrifuge, water treatment system, dosing system, water circulation system, control system, etc. After pretreatment, swirl, screening, centrifuge and other processes, the oil content in the solid phase is reduced and most of the petroleum hydrocarbons are recovered. The oil content of the treated slag is 1-2%, and it enters the next level of harmless centralized treatment station for harmless treatment such as incineration, solidification method and biological method.


                                        Oil sludge hot wash reduction process flow chart

 Oil sludge hot wash reduction process flow chart.png

Oily sludge hot wash treatment system

Oily sludge hot wash treatment system.png

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