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Kazakhstan - Large oily sludge treatment project

Pub Date:Apr 11, 2024    |    Views:5702    |    


At the beginning of 2024, KOSUN Machinery successfully delivered an oily sludge treatment system to Kuwait. This project is our company’s second large-scale oily sludge treatment project in Kuwait. It marks that our company has a mature market and competitiveness in Kuwait. Our after-sales engineers and technical engineers assembled and debuged equipment on-site.


This set of equipment consists of desanders, shale shakers, vertical cuttings dryers, centrifuges, clean water tank, mud tank, air compressor, bubble machine, air flotation machine, heating system, etc. It can handle all types of sludge, improving construction efficiency and environmental protection levels. The treated sludge complies with local emission standards, the clean water is recycled, and the solid phase is landfilled.


This system was developed and designed for this project to meet customer requirements. The successful implementation of this project represents a major breakthrough for Xi'an KOSUN in oily sludge treatment, laying a good foundation for future oily sludge treatment projects.


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