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Utilization of Red Mud

Brief introduction: 

Every year, ten million ton’s red mud has been made by China. The red mud stack occupies a lot of land resources which make serious pollution. The red mud slurry settling separation, roasting, leaching cycle filtration, acid leaching, extraction step aging silicon, iron and aluminum separation will, of which the major component of effective separation, to obtain aluminum hydroxide, iron powder, gypsum, micro silicate and rare earth high value-added products, so as to realize the resource utilization of red mud and high value added utilization. The red mud treatment technology, not only can effectively reduce the waste of resources, and the protection of land resources, reduce environmental pollution and improve the survival and competitiveness of alumina production enterprises has important practical significance and strategic significance to realize the sustainable development.



1) low energy consumption. The calcination temperature is lower than 1000 DEG C, and the calcination time is less than 2 minutes, and the temperature is less than 40 minutes. 

2) The Central Plains of red mud without separation of alkali, alkali red mud can be realized in the process of recycling; 

3) emissions free. In the process of using fewer raw materials for auxiliary raw materials, low purity requirements, and can be recycled, further reducing the low; 

4) red mud utilization value promoted. All products can reach or exceed the relevant national standards, are effectively separated and high value-added products to the main group in the red mud; 

5) low equipment requirements: each process is carried out in the atmospheric pressure and temperature conditions in low temperature, equipment used for conventional equipment.

Kosun machinery in the field with the famous university cooperation in technology research and development cooperation, with the help of the advanced technology concept, possibility of technology application, according to the specific project, provide the technical scheme of the.

Application: at present, China's output and minimize the harm of red mud, multi-channel, resource quantity is imminent. To this end, the national "12th Five-Year" comprehensive utilization of resources guidance and bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization project notice to [2011] No. 2919 capital, put forward clearly to the red mud in order to realize the scientific and efficient use, and the construction of a number of red mud comprehensive utilization demonstration project as one of its key projects. Expected results for processing technology using red mud 1 million tons, gross income is about 900 million yuan. The promotion and application of the results, problems, occupation and environmental pollution but also can effectively alleviate due to emission of red mud has long plagued alumina plant in operation process to be solved to improve the land utilization of bauxite resources rate. All of these reflect the good application prospect of this technology.

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