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HDD mud recycling system can recycle waste mud

Pub Date:Apr 06, 2023    |    Views:177    |    

KOSUN HDD mud recycling system can recycle waste mud, thus saving costs for users, improving customer economic benefits, protecting drilling rigs, and protecting the surrounding environment from pollution. KOSUN HDD mud recovery system mainly achieves the purpose of purification, recycling and reuse of drilling waste mud through the screening and purification of mud solids control equipment such as drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, desilter or mud cleaner.


HDD mud recycling system is a set of equipment specially developed for trenchless engineering. Cleaning drilling fluid for recovery (mud recovery system) involves simply separating the excavated spoil from the liquid/mud base fluid, so Instead of separating out all the solids, the mud recovery system just separates the unwanted parts.

Advantages of KOSUN HDD mud recycling system :

1. With 30 years of technical experience in the solids control industry, combined with in-depth market research, the designed mud recovery system has a reasonable structure, good processing technology and a wide range of applications.

2. The multi-functional integrated design meets the functions of mud cleaning, recycling and reuse, mud configuration and storage, and at the same time greatly reduces the overall size of the tank system to meet the site and space requirements of horizontal directional drilling.

3. The electrical system is explosion-proof, dust-proof and rain-proof to ensure construction safety and quality.

4. The structure of the tank is simple and compact, and the weight is light. The corridor and guardrail can be folded or disassembled, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

5. KOSUN has obtained the API and ISO certification of the American Petroleum Institute, passed the QHSE system certification, and the EU CE certification, becoming the first manufacturer in China to hold a complete set of drilling solids control equipment - Russia access certificate. It has obtained the access certificates of PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC, and has obtained many honorary certificates such as high-tech enterprises, Xi'an science and technology enterprises, small giant leading enterprises, etc.

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