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KOSUN batches of mud tank agitators will be shipped to Oman

Pub Date:Dec 11, 2022    |    Views:157    |    

This week, a batch of  mud tank agitators produced by KOSUN were sent to the Oman oil drilling project site in the Middle East. The mud agitator is an essential product in the drilling fluid solid control system. It is mainly used to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid, suspend the solid phase particles, and continuously and reliably agitate the drilling fluid.

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KOSUN  mud tank agitators has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation. The  mud agitators is mainly composed of an explosion-proof motor, a reducer, a machine base and a pulsator assembly. The motor and the reducer, the reducer and the pulsator shaft are all connected by a rigid coupling. The wave wheel is assembled and welded by 4 blades.  Mud agitators is suitable for mixing oil drilling fluid. The mud agitator below 5.5kW adopts cycloid reducer, and the mud agitator for drilling fluid above 7.5kW adopts worm gear reduction transmission. The tray sandwiched between the blades can also prevent the mud solid phase particles from depositing around the lower blades after shutdown, so that the use of this can reduce the resistance moment of the sediment to the blades during startup, thereby avoiding motor burnout due to startup overload.

KOSUN has 30 years of R&D and production experience, focusing on the production and sales of oilfield mud cleaning products and mud water treatment equipment. Customers are welcome to call for consultation and order.

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