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KOSUN mud treatment equipment is suitable for cast-in-place pile mud treatment projects

Pub Date:Apr 19, 2023    |    Views:59    |    

KOSUN mud treatment equipment can be used for cast-in-place pile projects. When pouring piles, a large amount of clay, including sand and gravel, etc. will be generated, which is relatively thick, so it is difficult to settle naturally, and is limited by the area of the construction site. If it is not treated in time, causing troubles on the scene. This kind of treatment method is relatively backward, and the cost incurred is relatively high. Only by day and night transportation by tank truck can it not affect the progress of on-site construction, so it will increase the transportation cost.

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We can also process it through a kind of mud treatment equipment, and then the mud can be purified and recycled later. After separation, it can be sold directly, which can achieve the purpose of profit.

KOSUN mud treatment equipment application range: mud recovery systems for non-excavation directional crossing, pipe jacking, shield tunneling, construction piling, etc.

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