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KOSUN Water-based Drilling Waste Mud Treatment Technology

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1. Water-based drilling waste mud treatment technology in oilfields

Currently, oilfield drilling adopts two common methods for water-based drilling waste mud treatment: on-site drilling mud no-discharge technology and centralized treatment of water-based mud.

The on-site drilling mud no-discharge equipment for water-based mud mainly includes water-based mud conveying equipment, screening equipment, filtration equipment or centrifugal equipment, and dosing devices.  After screening, dosing, and dewatering by filtration, the mud cake is sent to a landfill or brick factory for disposal.

2. Classification

During the drilling process of oil and gas fields, drilling mud waste gas is generated. The types of mud can be divided into water-based drilling mud and oil-based drilling mud. Water-based drilling waste mud, after toxicity testing, is classified as general waste and non-hazardous waste.

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3. Chemical properties of water-based drilling waste mud and rock cuttings

In general, water-based drilling waste mud in the Qingyang area of Changqing Oilfield is alkaline. The pH value of the first and second mud is generally between 7 and 9, while the pH value for cementing slurry and deep well mud is generally above 10. For some mud, the pH value has reached the measurement limit of 14 or above.

Water-based drilling waste mud is usually grayish-green or gray in color. The first and second mud have a higher sand content and a higher specific gravity. Cementing slurry and deep well mud have a paste-like consistency, with less sand content but higher viscosity.

Generally, the main pollutants in water-based drilling waste mud include suspended solids, petroleum hydrocarbons, organic matter, highly alkaline substances, heavy metals, and other chemical additives.

4. How to treat the clear water after water-based mud filtration?  

Currently, the mainstream method is to treat it with water treatment equipment for reinjection in oilfields or for blending with water-based mud.

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