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Russia-ZJ30 Rig Solid Control System

Pub Date:Jan 25, 2024    |    Views:114    |    

The Russia-ZJ30 rig solid control system is capable of classifying and treating drilling mud. It can also perform mixing, degassing, weighting, and agitating of drilling mud, as well as supplying mud at the wellhead. This system consists of mud tanks, cable trays, and solid control equipment. The entire system includes shale shakers, desanders and desilters (mud cleaners), centrifuges, and vacuum degassers, forming a five-level solid control system. The system also includes a mixing and weighting system, mud supply system, clean water supply system, electrical control system, and lighting system.


The ZJ30 rig solid control system is a mud treatment system that integrates mechanical and electrical control. The system mainly consists of solid control tanks (with insulation sheds and steam pipelines), supply tanks, shale shakers, vacuum degassers, efficient cleaners, D-type centrifuges, feeding pumps, six agitators, supply pumps, mud agitators, steam heaters, electrical control systems, and lighting systems.

The insulation shed of the ZJ30 solid control system is an auxiliary equipment designed and manufactured to improve working conditions for drilling operations in cold regions. It provides assurance for normal drilling operations in harsh environments.


Main features of the solid control system insulation shed:
1. The insulation shed consists of components such as the shed roof, columns, column bases, cross braces, wall panels, pressure blocks, basket bolts, etc.
2. The insulation shed is installed on the tank surface. The shed roof and wall panels are designed as detachable combined structures, with quick installation, disassembly, and reusable capabilities, using plug-in, pin shaft, and M24 basket bolts for secure connections.
3. The shed roof is connected with channel steel to prevent water leakage, and the wall panels can be individually disassembled and installed.
4. The frame of the shed is made of rectangular pipes, forming a triangular frame structure with good stability and high strength.
5. The wall panels and shed roof are made of flame-retardant rock wool sandwich color steel plates.
6. One single door is installed at each of the three ladder openings and the supply tank area.
7. Windows and axial flow fans are installed on the wall panels around the shed.
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