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KOSUN shale shaker Working principles, Uses and Advantages~

Pub Date:Jun 11, 2024    |    Views:158    |    

KOSUN shale shaker Working principles, Uses and Advantages

shale shaker is a device used for screening and separation of granular materials, which works by screening the material through a screen set on the shale shaker plate or screen frame. shale shaker is usually used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, food processing and other fields.

The main uses and features of the shale shaker include:

The shale shaker can sieving the material according to its particle size, dividing the granular material into different sizes of particles.

The shale shaker has an efficient screening capacity, which can quickly and accurately separate the particles that meet the requirements.

Automation: The shale shaker is usually equipped with an automated control system that can adjust the vibration frequency and amplitude to achieve a more accurate screening effect.

Energy saving: The shale shaker usually only needs a small power motor to achieve efficient screening and save energy.

Simple structure: The structure of the shale shaker is relatively simple, easy to operate and maintain, easy to clean and replace the screen.

A variety of screens optional: according to the needs of different granular materials, you can choose different materials and aperture of the screen, wide applicability.


In general, the shale shaker has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, energy saving and easy maintenance, and is a commonly used screening equipment in many industrial fields.


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